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Thursday, August 28, 2014


This outfit will always be one of my favorites. We all have that outfit that we just love and could wear all the time, and this is my outfit!!I love feeling super girly and that is exactly how I feel!!I about died when I found this necklace!!It had my name written all over it!! The finishing touch to this outfit was the stunning necklace. I love loading up on jewelry but with this one I wanted the focus to be on this piece of jewelry. So I calmed it down with the jewelry. :) Don't even get me started with the pictures. I had it all in my head on how I wanted these pics to  turn out and Erin Rich nailed it!! I can't thank her enough!! Now bring on the long weekend!! I hope you all have some fun plans for this Labor Day weekend!!
xoxo Kallie

Shirt// Forever21
Skirt// Ali Express
Shoes// Rue21// Similar Go Jane
Necklace//Bliss By Brooke
Lipstick// L'Oreal (Rich)

Friday, August 15, 2014


This summer has been all about the graphic tees, and let me tell you I jumped on board with that trend!! I found this tee and just  Tees are so perfect for summer because they are light and so you are not dying of heat. They also transition into Fall perfectly. I styled this one a little more for Fall, but you could totally wear this on a cool summer night. These photos were taken again by the wonderful  Erin Rich!! Now I need to take a little moment and talk about how my blog has been up and running for over a year!! It is so fun to go back through my old posts and see how I have developed my own style!  It is crazy how time flies!! I have loved every minute of this blog even through the ups and downs. I have grown so much already from this experience. I have been so busy I really haven't had time to do a special post about it. So I'm doing it now!:) I just wanted to thank all of my followers!! It is so fun to hear from all of you!! Fashion is one of my passions and you guys make it so fun along the way!! So thank you again for making all this possible and I just love you all!!! xoxo

Pants//Target//Similar Asos

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lace and Floral For Days

Hey ladies!! Sorry life has been crazy busy lately!! I will be getting some more posts up here soon! I'm really excited to share these next few outfit posts, because I had the awesome opportunity to work with the amazing Erin Rich!! She is an exceptional photographer!! I just lover her and her work!! So click on this link and "like" her on Facebook and see her amazing work! Erin Rich Photography. I'm not lying when I say she is the sweetest!! She is so fun to work with! I feel like I have said the word "amazing" so many times in this paragraph, but it is the one word that comes to mind when telling you about the cute Erin! I have been searching for a long lace kimono and I finally found one and I love the chic feel it gives to this outfit!! I basically live in these boyfriend jeans...so I hope you are not tired of them cause it is not the end of them! :) This clutch was on sale for $5 at Rue 21... I about died. Anyways thanks everyone for all he support! It is so fun to hear from all of You!!

               Kimono//similar Forever21
Pants//Target//Similar H&M
Shoes//Rue21//similar Go Jane